Zhejiang Hangzhou Launches Lightning Protection Security Risk Codes To Supervise Digital Platforms

- Dec 14, 2020-

Lightning safety is related to the safety of life and property of the people. In order to supervise the safety units of lightning protection, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province has developed a lightning protection safety code for lightning protection safety supervision. Supervision is of great significance. It can supervise the lightning protection safety situation in a more timely manner and facilitate management. The specific content is shared as follows:

A few days ago, Hangzhou’s self-developed digital supervision platform based on the "lightning safety risk code" was officially launched, and was put into operation simultaneously in relevant departments and units at the city and county levels, and applied for software copyright. The use of this platform will further enhance the level of lightning protection safety supervision in Hangzhou, enabling regulatory authorities and users to know the current situation of lightning protection safety in a more timely and accurate manner, enabling "businesses to run less errands, and data to run more roads" and provide more warmth for the regulated objects Service.

The platform includes six functional sections including "My Lightning Protection Code", "Lightning Protection Code Application", "Meteorological Warning" and "Detection Service". Through the establishment of relevant rules, a system for key lightning protection. Information on detection, hidden danger status and rectification is collected and reviewed, combined with relevant supervision information, to identify different levels of hidden dangers, and generate red, yellow, and green lightning protection safety codes according to the rules. Decode and transcode in time according to dynamic changes. The system automatically sends text and voice reminders to the main unit or supervisory department according to the set advance amount of the different color security codes. At the same time, the platform also provides information on testing institutions to facilitate the selection of testing services for the subject of supervision. By scanning the security code, the supervisory authority can fully grasp the implementation of the subject's responsibility for lightning protection. At the same time, the supervision information generated by the platform is shared with the platform data of the "Key Field Smart Weather Service Project", and a more intuitive data chart is generated for display. The platform is based on the Zhejiang Provincial Administrative Law Enforcement and Supervision Platform (“Zhezheng Nail” handheld law enforcement system), and automatically connects data to the “Hangzhou City Brain Digital Cockpit-Safety Supervision” module to further strengthen the interconnection and sharing of information and data.

The completion of the platform realizes the unified interconnection, dynamic maintenance, and real-time monitoring of lightning protection safety supervision work at the city and county levels, improving service efficiency and quality, improving the management level of lightning protection and disaster reduction, promoting the extension of digital supervision to the end, and opening up the last mile of supervision ". In the next step, it will also share data with the "Zhejiang Administrative Law Enforcement and Supervision Platform" and the "National Comprehensive Platform for Lightning Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Management" to realize the interconnection of supervisory information, the exchange of supervisory standards, and the mutual recognition of processing results to improve the overall supervisory efficiency.