12V Surge Protector

12V Surge Protector

G20DT series 12v surge protector is based on IEC standard. The design is divided into f-head, n-head and BNC first-class coaxial interface, which is suitable for cable TV, monitoring, video and other coaxial communication equipment, and provides protection of the cable and cable network system equipment.
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G20DT series video signal lightning protector is a kind of commonly used surge protector. It is an important embodiment of internal lightning protection and also belongs to the category of weak current system. Dedicated to anti-lightning protection of surveillance equipment such as cameras, video switches and dividers. The low clamping voltage and fast response feature provide good suppression of various types of overvoltage pulses and guarantees all-weather normal operation of indoor and outdoor sensitive equipment.

product Parameter

Product capability parameter

Product model


Interface form


Working voltage 


Maximum continuous working voltage Uc(DC)V


Nominal discharge current In(8/20)kA


Characteristic impedance


Insertion loss


Limiting voltage


Failure mechanism

Communication line to ground short circuit


Enclosure ground

Product details


Product qualification

Through technological innovation, we have taken the lead in developing intelligent lightning protection monitoring system and power security solutions, intelligent surge protector (SPD), SPD backup protector (SCB), lightning environmental detector, grounding resistance tester, arc fault protector and other high-tech products. We have established nearly 5 offices in major provincial capitals and developed cities in China to form a system service network.

GADA are a leading manufacturer and distributor of lightning protection products for the international markets.


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Q1: Can I make multiple orders and combine shipment?

A: Of course you can. We will arrange shipment per your request and in the best interest of our customers. Sometimes separate shipment is in fact faster and cheaper, we will let you know the detail reasons and have your understanding before shipment.

Q2: What is distributed (cascaded) surge protection?

A:Distributed protection, cascaded protection or coordination is the process of coordinating protection between the primary service entrance of a large facility and the internal branch distribution panels. Generally a surge protective device (SPD) with high surge handling capacity is installed at the service entrance while SPDs of lower surge ratings will be installed on the branch panels or dedicated supplies feeding sensitive equipment. This approach can be taken further to include point-of-use SPDs on long lines where they terminate to sensitive or critical equipment.

Q3:How does your company do regarding the quality control?

A: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from the beginning to the end of the production. IQC inspects the components, the patrol inspection is done during production and all the goods to be tested 100% before leaving the factory.


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